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1. HMD Post - Exactly what it says on the tin. Also the one below this.
2. Pokemon list - Harry's team of Pokemon.
3. Cr Chart - Harry's list of CR.
4. Route Application - The application I wrote to join Route.
5. General Information + Headcanon - A place for me to put information about Harry. Also Head canon.
6. Visualosities Meme - Pictures about Harry Mason

HMD Post

Apr. 10th, 2018 12:24 pm
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Okay, jokes aside. Am I playing Harry oddly? Do you think there's something I should change/be working on/anything else?

All that goes here. 

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May. 19th, 2014 11:44 am
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Heather )


Henry )

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 [The video flickers to life, for once not from a pokemon but by Harry himself. He waves slightly.]

Hello, sorry to bother people. I just have a question I'd like to ask the people here. 

I know pokemon are the main thing in this world. Catching, training and breeding them seem to be what we're here for. I was just wondering if there were people here who didn't do anything like that. And if so, what sort of things do you do in a world surrounded by them?

Just curious, so if you think I'm being nosy feel free to ignore this.

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[The camera is low to the ground and shaking slightly and it's clear after a brief shot that there are Pokemon doing things they aren't supposed to again/Playing with the camera and pretending to go on an adventure with it. Apparently they felt the rest of you had to go along as well Route.

If you watch the somewhat shaky cam you can see a small group of pokemon a. climbing things b. taking turns poking a Pidgeotto or c. running away from the Pidgeotto. Eventually however they'll come across their trainer who is sitting in front of a table. Very quietly they will sneak up on him.....

Harry Mason is looking a little troubled today. It might have something to do with a vial of strange red liquid that's just sitting in front of him.]

....why now of all...

[One of the pokemon moves slightly and Harry turns frowning and then reaching over for the camera.]

Give me that.

[And the camera is shut off.]

[A minute later, you'll have it turned on again and an awkward Harry rubbing his head.]

Sorry about that. ...I'll have to keep the gear out of their reach in the future ...er Happy New Year.

[And with that he'll turn the camera off. You may have noticed the vial of strange liquid suddenly out of the shot the second time but hopefully not.]

Read more... )
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[The screen flickers to life and Harry offers a wave to the camera. Maybe someday he will be comfortable talking to random people. Today is not that day. However he's got something to talk about that does interest him so let's get to that.]

Hey everyone. I'm sure you've all noticed October starting, and that means Halloween is coming in a few weeks. I thought maybe in keeping with the season we might share some scary stories with each other. Whether it's a "true story" or one you've made up is up to you. I'll trade a story for a story if anyone's interested.

Action for travel companions )

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Action for Henry )


[The video feed jumps to life, first showing some smoke and then two figures coughing. The camera will turn back to the person filming, who is if course a smirking Pichu. Who then turns it back to the now clear forms of Harry Mason and and Henry Townshend as they examine a lumpy dish now on the table.

It might have once been pasta. Or a type of vegetable ...or both.]

....at least it's not on fire anymore?

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[What is this, Harry is being social? There must be a full moon, or something. Either way, the video feed snaps to life and Harry is looking at the camera with an awkward smile.]

Hey everyone.

Since today's fathers day, I thought I'd ask if there were any other fathers that have been dragged here. I know I can't be the only one and it seems like as good a day as any to maybe get in touch and trade stories if anyone wants to share. 

Actually mothers as well since I missed that day in May, or even older siblings.


[You can find him either playing solitaire with a pack of cards in the apartment or outside with some pokemon trailing after him for a walk. Which is interrupted as a Woobat flies into his face.]

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[You can tell something strange is going on the moment you turn on the network, it seems to be another of those weekends. Since the last one brought back the man/monster that killed him, Harry is more then a little wary. Waiting for sirens to show up, or more cult members, or worse.

So far this doesn't seem to be the case, and when Harry turns his gear on, he's actually smiling instead of looking jumpy. There's also a smiling woman next to him.]


Hello, this is Harry Mason. ...Since we're not sure how long she's going to be here this time. I thought ...okay she thought, it would be a good idea if I introduced her to people. So, this is my wife Jodie Mason.

[The woman who has been smiling, waves at the gear.]

Hello everyone, it's nice to meet you all. I'm hoping to be here a little longer then last time, but from what I've been hearing that might not be possible.

So if anyone needs us, we'll be out exploring, because someone needs to go outside instead of hiding in his room writing all the time.

[Jodie looks over at Harry who just shakes his head with a sigh. But there's a smile on both faces. Jodie looks back at the gear]

Oh and I'd love to meet or speak with any of Heather's friends.

[Brown is Harry, blue is Jodie. Replies will be from this journal and also Jodie's [personal profile] adoptivemother]

[Action: Wherever]

[The sirens are back. Dropping Harry and Jodie around route. The sirens will start and your ears will hurt and suddenly the couple will appear on the ground, somewhere close by. Helping each other up]

You're right, those are annoying.
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[Video/Action for a hotel room in Saffron City]

[There is a Hoothoot in a turban. That's probably the first thing you should notice when the video shakes to life. The second thing you might notice is that the turban is made out of a brown jacket. Or maybe it's the sign in front of it you notice. In large letters.]



[Clearly the more exclamation points the better right? The camera moves to the side to show a Pichu holding another sign to the side of the HootHoot.]


: )

[And in case you're wondering, no Harry is nowhere in sight. Which is probably the reason why this video is being made. And why they seem so proud of themselves.]
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[Video: The gear flickers to life and you'll first see the face of a Pichu as it pears down at the screen. However noting it's on, she turns it up and now you can see Harry Mason standing at the bottom of a tree. There seems to be a bug pokemon of some sort sitting on a branch.]

[Harry notices Hazel and picks up the Pichu and puts her on his shoulder taking the gear away from her.]

Sorry about that, but does anyone have advice on a ....Larvesta, I think it's called? I'm not really sure how it got up there, but it won't come down.

It hatched recently and ran off, I think one of the other pokemon must have scared it?

[Action: You can wander upon Harry, Hazel and the stubborn bug creature in the tree. Roommates, he said he went looking for a pokemon if you want to join in the search.]
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[It's Christmas morning time in the small hotel room where team Silent is staying. Why are you seeing this now? Well, the gear has been taken captive by two pokemon. A Pichu and a Darumaka who you can see bits of as they figure out how to get the camera in the right spot. Once it is, you can also see a Hoot Hoot and a Woobat as well. But where is the gear pointing?

See Harry. See Harry asleep in a chair.

See four pokemon sneaking up on Harry. Climbing up the chair and....


See Harry start awake as four pokemon follow the time honoured tradition that they'd heard of, which involves waking Harry up early on Christmas.

Luckily for his confusion, Lisa floats over and turns the gear off as he tries to figure out why there is a woobat on his head again. Roommates, feel free to notice the mess.]


[Later: Okay this time Harry is in control of that as he found out that his morning surprise had been taped as well. He has tea now though so things are a little bit better.]

Ah, sorry about that. ...I'm starting to think Pokemon are a lot like kids. ...in many ways.

[Right, um....yeah]

Oh right. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas, or any other holiday, or just a good Tuesday as the case may be.

Oh, and did everyone get eggs? I'm hoping no one broke into the room to put them here, but knowing this world I wouldn't be surprised if it just appeared out of thin air. 

Ah, anyway. Merry Christmas 
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[He noticed one thing straight away the sirens are back. Unfortunately they've brought along a friend with them this time. Today you might run into Harry Mason in two situations....]


[Sirens are fading into the background, but they'll be back. Harry is getting to his feet and looking around, rubbing his head. He also seems a bit jumpy, and holding a lead pipe in his hands.]

Can anyone tell me where I am now?



[And then the sirens start up again.... and if you are in the vicinity you might want to copy Harry and find cover. Because his friend has shown up.]

[His friend looks like this ]

[His friend is looking for him. If he see's you he'll try to get your attention.]

Get down! That thing is dangerous! 

[Yes Harry the giant knives and it being covered in blood may have given that away. It's wandering around looking....]
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[The screen flickers to life with Harry sitting on a chair with a Togetic on the table. Yup, someone evolved. Lisa is looking quite pleased as she stands on the table attempting to jump on a laptop.]

Well it seems someone's grown up. I'm still not really sure how these things work but she evolved this morning.

I was going to ask something else but I think Lisa wanted some attention.

[Given that she jumps up on his shoulder and stares at the camera, that would be a yes. After a moment of trying to stop Lisa from jumping on his head, he'll remember he had the camera on.]

Right, I was going to ask. Are there any writers here? I'm sure I can't be the only one. 

[Action: Inn Room]

[After the post to the network Harry is going back to his normal work. Writing.
Or at least trying to as Lisa is still attempting to jump on the laptop. The normally calm pokemon is quite excited today it seems.]

[Action: Goldenrod]

[Harry is out for a walk with a Pichu and a Darumaka running in front of him. It's a nice day and he's enjoying his day off from work. He's also trying to keep an eye on them, but they keep running off to examine everything and everyone. If you suddenly see a pokemon poking your leg or investigating your shoe, it's probably one of them. You might also see Harry calling over to them]

I said no running off guys!
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General Information and Headcanon
Disclaimer: As a lot of Silent Hill is open to interpretation and we don't always get exact details (and of course  they don't really talk much about some characters pasts) a lot of general information is going to be headcanon. Especially for Harry's past, and his life prior to what they mention in the first game.

Born: January 31st, 1958
Died: October 2007 (Somehow still alive in Route)
Marital Status: Widower
  - Jodie Mason (1958-1986)
Occupation: Professional father Writer

-work in progress-


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